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Our auto AC repair services include:

  • Performance check.
  • Purity Check.
  • Checking (and adding if necessary) oil and refrigerant as indicated.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Visually inspect and replace hoses, fans and belts.
  • Water pump diagnostic.

For over 20 years, Ward’s Automotive Inc has been offering high quality automotive diagnostic, repair and maintenance services for car owners throughout the Huntington, WV area. In addition to our general automotive repairs, we specialize in a full array of auto AC repair, installation and maintenance services on virtually any systems both old ones and complex, modern assemblies.

Mechanic with A/C diagnostic equipment.We are the right company if you are looking for professional and honest services that cater to and meet your needs directly and promptly. Our technicians all comes from proven backgrounds and have years of experience behind them. In addition they are throughly educated and address the problems of your car ventilation system with attention and in the exact professional manner you are expecting. Our modern workshop have all the necessary equipment for a proper diagnostic and auto AC repair service that meet the demands of the modern automotive industry!

Don’t succumb to the summer heats and enjoy a heat free car! Don’t risk your, your passengers and the various pedestrians health condition! A broken A/C system in the hot summer can significantly decrease your blood pressure which can lead to brief lose of consciousness which on the other hand can leading to serious road accident! Whenever your AC broke, please feel free to visit our repair shop and we will address your issues in the exact professional manner you are expecting!