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Our brake repair service in Huntington, WV include:

  • Complete brakes inspection
  • lube calipers and hardware
  • Replacing shoes or pads
  • Machine drums or rotors
  • Test drive

For over 20 years Ward’s Automotive Inc has been a name of distinction in the automotive repair industry. Mechanic inspecting the brake system.At our shop we employ advanced equipment, premium materials and qualified technicians who are ready to supply with carefully tailored service that meets your needs directly and promptly. Prior to the repair we will supply you with a detailed estimate and explanation of your problem in order for you to get an idea of the required materials and labor.

We understand that your brake system is the most important safety system of your vehicle and that is why our brake repair service is carefully designed to cover a wide spectrum of vehicles! Don’t take a chance with your “stop system”, because in that way you are endangering not only your health but your life itself! We have been repairing brakes for more than 20 years which has helped us to build a solid database and aquire the neede skills, necessary to freely diagnose and repair the today’s complex braking systems!

Bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop and entrust in the hands of our capable technicians! Leave your needs in our repair shop and enjoy a break repair service like no other!