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In the past whenever your engine stops working properly, usually a full disassembly was necessary to find the causing problem. Today things are different! Moder software and computers, slowly begin to displace the old school techniques which is actually for the better! Today you can just plug in the portable computer and to locate the exact place of the engine malfunctions. In that way you are saving a whole bunch of money because you don’t have to look for the problem.

A mechanic checking a cars engine.At Ward’s Automotive Inc’s repair shop in Huntington, WV we employ state of the art engine diagnostics equipment that meets the requirements of the modern engines. We assure you that our equipment and services are properly tailored to meet your needs regardless of how demanding they may be! At all times we will find a solution and will have your car running again in the way it should! We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve results and to fix those difficult problems that other shops often give up on. Our team consist of properly educated and certified technicians who have years of experience behind the! Combining their knowledge with our modern engine diagnostics equipment allow us to create flexible and highly affordable programs that fit in every budget.

Our experts have extensive professional experience at fault finding and engine diagnostics so you can rest assure that your vehicle is in capable and proven hands. Give us a call or directly drop by to our repair shop and we will remove the worries that accompany your vehicle!